We are always looking for new group members with talent and passion!

Opportunities for prospective PhD students

Atmospheric science is interdisciplinary so there is no specific degree requirement for admission. Chemistry background and programming skill are good asset in our group, but those can be learnt on the job during the graduate study. The most important criterion of joining the group are: interests in digging deep into scientific questions; interests in programming; some research abilities. Applicants will have to go through a centralized admission process through the City University of Hong Kong.

If you are interested in pursuing graduate research in our group, please get in touch with Xuan Wang early in your application process. Please note that in School of Energy and Environment, your application may not be reviewed if you didn’t contact a potential supervisor before your apply.

Opportunities for prospective research assistants

Research assistant positions may be available in the group. If you are an undergrate/master student who want to join us but plan to apply for the PhD later, this could be a good choice. Research assistant positon will make you familiar with our researches and help you prepare for your application.

Opportunities for prospective Postdocs

We seek postdocs with experience in atmospheric chemsitry modeling and/or the interpretation of atmospheric composition observations. If you will be completing your PhD in the coming year and would be interested in in our group, you are encouraged to contact Xuan Wang to inquire.

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